Why Do Commercial Buildings Have Flat Roofs?

Jul 26, 2023

Flat roofs are among the most popular types of roofs for commercial buildings of any kind. There are several advantages that flat roofs have over other roof types that are more commonly used for residential applications. From cost to HVAC considerations and more, there are several reasons that commercial property owners opt for a flat roof. Cloud Roofing is a trusted provider of commercial roofing services in San Antonio, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss why commercial buildings have flat roofs. 

Flat Roofs Are Generally Cheaper 

As with any important business decision, flat roofs are often installed simply based on cost. In most cases, flat roofs are considerably cheaper than sloped roofs, allowing companies to keep their construction costs down. Due to there being less surface area on a flat roof, they are easier to install. Additionally, flat roofs are easier to walk on, meaning roofers can install the roof faster than a standard sloped roof. 

Maintenance Tends To Be Easier On Flat Roofs 

When it’s time to repair a flat roof, roofers have an easy time walking around on the roof as opposed to other types of roofs which may require safety equipment to safely repair. Additionally, it’s easier to spot things like leaks or damages that have occurred on a flat roof. 

HVAC Units Can Sit On Flat Roofs 

Homes with a sloped roof are unable to host their HVAC unit on the roof. This is another popular reason why business owners may opt for a flat roof instead of a sloped one. When HVAC units are on the roof, they’re safe from vandalism and damage. Business owners can enjoy energy savings as well as a safe and sound HVAC unit by putting it on top of their flat roofs. 

Flat Roofs Can Reflect Heat

If made with the right materials and colors, like something that is white or otherwise reflective materials, flat roofs are capable of resisting damage from the sun. Reflective roof materials can resist damage from the sun’s UV rays, protect the interior of the building from solar heat gain which keeps interior spaces cool, and ultimately reduce energy costs for property owners. 

Flat Roofs Usually Don’t Have Gutters

Most flat commercial roofs don’t use gutters which is a good thing for commercial properties. Residential property owners are all too aware of the headache that comes with climbing ladders every time the fall season comes around to clean out the gutters. Now, imagine doing this for a building 3 to 4 times the size of a standard residential property. It’s easy to see why commercial building owners would want to avoid gutters having gutters on their property. In place of gutters, flat roofs tend to have specifically designed rainwater roll-off systems that ensure rain will not damage a flat roof. In some cases, these rainwater roll-off systems will then distribute the water to rooftop gardens or be converted to water to be used throughout the facility. 

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