Metal Roofing in San Antonio, TX

Save Money With an Energy-Efficient Roof


If you're looking for a stylish, energy-efficient roofing option, metal roofing is the way to go. Turn to Cloud Roofing Company for metal roof installation services in the San Antonio, TX area. Our knowledgeable roofers can help you decide on the right metal panels.

As soon as you decide, we'll:

  • Remove your old roofing and repair underlying damage
  • Cut custom metal panels that will fit your roof perfectly
  • Install your drip-edge and closure strips
  • Install your corrugated metal panels
  • Install your ridge caps

With over three decades of experience installing top-of-the-line metal roofs, you can trust us to handle every step of your project. Contact us to schedule metal roof installation services.

Types of Metal Roofs We Service

Here at Cloud Roofing, provide metal roofing services in San Antonio for a variety of different types of metal roofs. We service the following kinds of metal roofs in San Antonio:

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam panel metal roofs utilize flat sheets of metal, typically aluminum, which are held together by raised seams. These seams are locked together, and the edges are folded back over, which creates a watertight seal. At Cloud Roofing, we receive this metal in rolled form and then cut it to the precise measurements of the roof. For standing seam panel metal roofing in San Antonio, trust the experts at Cloud Roofing.

Corrugated Metal Roof

With corrugated metal roofing, flat panels of corrugated metal are joined together. Corrugated metal roofing is not typically used for residential applications in San Antonio, as they are best suited for dense urban areas and commercial applications.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are like typical shingles that are often fashioned to look like materials like slate, wood, and ceramic. These can be painted to match the rest of the color palette of your home with ease. At Cloud Roofing, we’re happy to be the top provider of metal roofing in San Antonio for shingles and other metal roofing of all kinds.


Cloud Roofing Company is known as a go-to metal roof installation company in San Antonio, TX, and for good reason. We're members of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas and the San Antonio Apartment Association, so we know how to hold ourselves to high standards. We can also work with your insurance company and provide you with several financing options.

Not sure whether this type of roofing is right for your home? You should consider installing metal roofing because it:

  • Provides a sleek, modern look
  • Can reduce your annual energy cost by up to 40%
  • Can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance

Reach out right away to get started on your metal roofing installation. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Metal Roofing Provides Unmatched Durability

With metal roofing, you’re giving your home the ultimate roofing material in terms of durability. In some cases, metal roofing can withstand winds of over 100 miles per hour. Additionally, metal doesn’t corrode or break down over time like ceramic and asphalt shingles. All in all, metal roofing can take a beating. It’s highly unlikely that metal roofing will become damaged from things like a hail storm, which is a common occurrence in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. For unmatched durability for the roof of your home, trust Cloud Roofing and our metal roofers in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

Enjoy Little To No Roofing Maintenance With Metal Roofs

Another major benefit of metal roofing is how low-maintenance the material is. Unlike other roofing materials, repairs or other maintenance tasks are likely to be pennies on the dollar when compared to things like ceramic and wood. That being said, there are still minor maintenance tasks you should perform on your metal roof to ensure longevity. With metal roofing, bi-annual maintenance should include:

  • Cleaning off dirt, stains, and other debris
  • Removing debris and dirt from drains and gutters
  • Removal of branches and other objects that may be caught on the roof
  • Touch-ups on scratches, chips, or visible fading

With metal roofing, enjoy a durable roofing option with little to no maintenance. For metal roofing services in San Antonio, trust the experts at Cloud Roofing.

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