Want To Save Your Roof? Clean Your Gutters

Nov 3, 2021

Homeowners throughout Texas know about the hassle of a clogged gutter. Strong rains and winds can clog even the newest gutters with a thick sludge of wet leaves, and sticks. Most people view a clogged gutter as an annoyance, something that may cause an eyesore but not much more. However, clogged gutters can actually threaten the integrity of your roof and even your home if you are not careful and prudent about cleaning gutters.

You should be cleaning your gutters regularly for many reasons. First of all, dirty gutters are an eyesore. The natural materials caught in clogged gutters rot and smell. They often overflow and can be visible from in front of the house. On occasion, they can even stain the roof or a house's vinyl siding.

More importantly, clogged gutters can cause severe structural problems. They can increase the chances of gutters falling off of a house. Clogged gutters prevent rain from flowing out of the gutters and cause water to build up. The combined weight of many gallons of water and pounds of densely packed natural materials can easily bring a set of gutters crashing down. In cases where overflowing water does not bring down a set of gutters, the water may seep out into a roof. This seepage can cause prolonged water damage to a roof and can harm tiles as well as joints. Over a period of years, clogged gutters can harm a roof as much as any acute damage from storms.

If your gutters are not maintained, there is also a chance of an animal infestation. Clogged gutters are often made up of the materials that animals need in order to build nests. They can therefore attract squirrels, rodents, and any number of insects including cockroaches and bees. Termites can also thrive in the collections of sticks and leaves that often clog gutters. Such animals can eat holes and cause unspeakable damage to a roof. Cleaning gutters can help save a homeowners thousands of dollars in pest removal costs.

Cleaning gutters is a job no homeowner should do by themselves. Climbing ladders without proper training or equipment can be dangerous. A homeowner also runs the risk of damaging their house or pulling their gutters off. When cleaning your gutters, make sure you have someone with you while you're on the roof to ensure proper safety. If you notice any issues with your roof while cleaning out your gutters, contact Cloud Roofing for a more detailed inspection.

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