Types of Roofing

Dec 30, 2022

A roof serves many purposes. It can help provide drainage, protects us from heat, wind, and too much sunlight. While it provides a seemingly perpetual barrier from the outside, it is under a constant barrage of elements. In Texas, the elements can whittle away at the layers and layers of roofing. If your roof isn't well prepared, you may need a roof replacement sooner than you thought. You need to know which roofs are better suited to protect you from Texas.

Each roof has two main parts. The roof first has the outer layer, which bears the brunt of the weather. The next layer is its internal structure. For a limited amount of buildings, the external layer can also be a self-supporting structure.

The strength of a roof is a big concern. This is because a roof is usually the least accessible part of a building for the purpose of repair and renewal; its damage can have detrimental effects. Different types of roofs are more durable than others.

It is usually more common to see three tab roofs, as they offer the best protection for the best price. They are also very adaptable to many climates, making them good for homebuilders and cutting down on options. That being said, there are still many different types of roofing available to homebuyers.

Wood Shingle Roofs

Wood shingles are usually made from either cedar or wood that is pressure-treated. Also, wooden shingles are often pricier than their asphalt counterpart. They require routine work to keep them at a good standard. Wood shingles are available in natural, pre-stained, or aged finishes. Wood shingles are also very often insect and rot resistant. This helps them last about 30 years.

Steel Metal Roofs

Steel metal and copper roofing are often made with a sheeting of stainless steel; copper sheets and tiles are also available. Its cost depends on the sheet profile, the finish applied, the size, and the shape. It is highly sustainable with a lifespan of 50 years or more.

Stone Tile Roofing

When dealing with stone tiles, you are dealing with a dense and heavy material. Your building needs to be prepared to take on small tiles of stone on top of your roof. These tiles are made of rock or rock-based materials, such as terra cotta, clay, or concrete. Stone tiles offer heavy-duty durability, standing up against heavy rains and wind. Clay tile also has a lifespan of up to 60 years.

Flat Roofs

Depending on what kind of material covers it, it can last anywhere between 10 and 50 years. These roofs, often covered with asphalt and gravel, can be fairly cheap. If you choose to cover your roof with rubber instead of gravel, you also get an added layer of protection against UV radiation.

Texas vs. Your Roof

Texas weather is rough on roofs. Most people in the state have composition shingles on their house. A composition roof is made of traditional shingles and fiberglass. While these roofs can be very affordable, they also succumb to the Texas climate much quicker. Very often, their shingles are eroded until they become brittle. Also, granules meant to protect the roof will begin to fall off of the shingles.

In fact, the weather can adversely affect shingle life so much, some shingle manufacturers void the shingle warranty. Texas has wickedly hot summers. The southern side and western sides of roofs here show more wear than the north and east because of overhanging trees that can cause streaking and fungus that grow on the shingle, causing dew and mold.

Not only does the life of a roof depend on the frame and structure, but also the weather. Snow, hurricanes, and hail can cut the life span of any roof in half. For example, where the weather is humid, a composition shingle roof may turn several shades darker. This may be a clear indicator that the roof needs an algae-resistant layer.

For the Dallas area, and for the majority of Texas itself, hail is the number one reason for roof damage. It can make dents in the roof and even create large circle holes when the storm is bad; it becomes very evident where the roof gets hit. In fact, Texas tops the list of damage claims in 2014. State Farm received 51,193 claims and Texas reported 778 accounts of large hail during the year, second only to Nebraska.

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