The Top 15 Common Roof Problems

Dec 30, 2022

Leaking Roofs

Even the most sturdy shingles may cause leaks and other problems in your home. When moisture soaks into the roof, it can leak into the house, creating mold and mildew along with rotting your house.

Lifted Shingles

Severe weather and high winds can lift metal flashing, tiles, and shingles up. Lifted shingles need to be nailed down and resealed back onto the roofing of the home. The longer a piece of roofing remains lifted, the worse problems you could be facing.

Standing Water

If you have a divot in the roof that allows for water to pool, then moisture could seep in over time, guaranteeing leaks in certain areas of your house. Quality gutters and metal flashing can let water flow properly, preventing it from ponding.

Holes in Roof

Debris from high winds can create holes in your roof. Open holes invite in not only rain and wind but insects and other small problem animals.

Additionally, your house’s heating and cooling bill could skyrocket due to leaks from your air conditioner or heater. Identify and repair holes immediately when they happen.

Bad Repairs

While a patch or other quick construction fix may be a good temporary solution, you need to think long term about your roof and avoid future problems. Instead of settling for patches, do a small roof replacement and make sure that any loose shingles or tiles are properly fit into the roof itself. A replacement fixes the hole in the roof as well as the potentially vulnerable shingles around the hole.


When the weather gets colder, your entire house contracts. This includes your shingles and tiles. If your roof has not been prepared for shrinking, then shingles and tiles could break and fall off and create more problems as a result.


When weather warms up, shingles and tiles expand. If there is not enough room on your roof, then tiles and shingles could run into each other and begin to split and bend.

If you have just received a new roof installation, examine the tiling and shingling structure. While roofing materials should be tightly packed together, there should be a little room so they can move when exposed to weather.

Loss of granules

Common asphalt shingles have small granules that absorb UV radiation and protect roofs from the environment. If granules begin to fall off, then the integrity of your roof begins to falter. Check to see if you have any “bald spots” on your roof if you start having problems.

Small animals

Raccoons, squirrels, mice, rats, birds, bats, and more common pests are constantly flocking to new rooftops. If they try to burrow into your roof, store food, and nest, you could have small holes that open your home up to further problems.

Tree damage

If a tree is particularly overgrown, even a small gust of wind could knock off a swath of tiles or flashing from your roof. When your trees get too big, contact a roof repair company to see if they can refer you to a reliable tree trimmer.

Make sure the trimmer doesn’t completely take down the tree, as trees can offer much-needed shading and rain catching abilities that help protect your roof.

Bad ventilation

A poorly ventilated attic could break roofing from underneath. If the ventilation is not absorbent enough, then heat could escape and bake the roof from the inside out, causing cracking and chipping.

Also, bad ventilation could cause snow and ice to melt and freeze over and over again. The constant repetition could lift flashing from its place, opening your home up for even more damage from severe weather.

Bad gutters

A bad gutter system could direct the flow of water into problematic areas. If water is directed back onto your roof, then you could be guaranteeing yourself moisture damage.

Also, if a gutter is poorly installed, then the weight of rushing water during a rainstorm could pull the gutter away from the roof, damaging it. Regularly clean and maintain your gutters to see if they are correctly installed and in good condition before severe weather strikes.

Improper Construction

If a roofing installation company is looking to cut corners, they may focus on doing a job quick instead of right. When this happens, your improper roofing and your building pay the ultimate price.

Instead of looking for the quickest roofing job, identify the right roofers. When getting quotes from roofing companies, ask them what their installation process is and ask for credentials. Make sure they have the reviews and plenty of trusted clients that guarantee they will install a long lasting roof for you.

Unsafe Roofs

Roofs can be really dangerous. Nails that jut out, lifted tiles and shingles, and leftover material are hazardous to buildings. If debris catches a nail, then it could pull the shingle out and leave you vulnerable to damage.

No Maintenance

The biggest roof problem is a lack of maintenance. Busy schedules get in the way of looking at the quality of roofs, which can invite even more issues that can wreck your entire building.

If you find yourself strapped for time and need a quality roof maintenance team that you can count on, go to Cloud Roofing. Our team can evaluate your roof and give you a great solution that will save your roof (and save you money). Our tips and tricks single out the problem and provide lasting systems that will help you for years to come.

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