The Difference Between Steep and Low Slope Roofing

Dec 30, 2022

The type of roof you have on your home can not only make an impact on how your home looks, but also on how roof repairs and related home improvement jobs can be performed.

The two main types of roofs on most residential homes are referred to as a steep-sloped roof and a low-sloped roof respectively, and taking a look at either one can give you a pretty good idea as to why they are described that way.

What Is a Steep-Sloped Roof?

For technical purposes, a steep-sloped roof is a roof that slopes at an angle of 18 degrees. What this really means is that a steep-sloped roof is often very difficult to walk on, often making repairs and maintenance difficult to do without the help of a professional.

The installation of a steep-sloped roof typically requires the use of a separate layer called an underlayment where tiles, shingles, slates, or wood shakes are added. A steep-sloped roof can make a dramatic impact on the look of a home.

What Is a Low-Sloped Roof?

Low-sloped roofs are different and usually include an angle less than 18 degrees. Low-sloped roofs are more prone to weather and damage and require more maintenance. They also require many more materials during installation, including drains, flashing, insulation, cover boards, and coatings that improve durability and help protect against moisture and corrosion.

Concerns to Consider with Each Roof

A low-sloped roof will typically require more maintenance simply because they are exposed to weather elements like rain, snow, and even falling debris. They also come in contact more with the harmful rays of the sunlight which can lead to deterioration.

Over time, the weather and heat or cold can cause damage to parts of your roof, no matter what type of style it has. The good news is, since it is easier to walk on a low-sloped roof, repairs and maintenance are easier to perform on that particular roof.

On a steep-sloped roof, you may end up paying more for repairs such as shingle replacement and other general maintenance from damages because a greater measure of safety is required for service professionals on site. Even if you consider yourself a handyman, it is a wise idea to use the services of a professional roofing company, as their service professionals will have the experience and expertise needed to perform their duties in the safest manner possible.

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