Solar Panels & Your Roof

Feb 8, 2023

Solar panels are a great way for home and business owners to reduce their energy bills, as well as their carbon footprint. While solar panels are a great way to save some money and have a positive impact on the environment, there are some things to know about how these energy-producing instruments are installed. In this post from the Cloud Roofing blog, we’ll take a closer look at solar panels and how they impact roofing. 

Increased Load on The Roof 

When installed on the roof, solar panels add a fair amount of additional weight that a roof may not be prepared to handle. The load of this weight can put stress on the structure of the roof, and in turn, cause damages down the line. Before installing solar panels on your roof, it’s important to have a professional, like a licensed roofing inspector, assess your roof and if it’s capable of supporting the weight of the panels. Additionally, have this roofing inspector discuss the specifics of the installation with your solar panel contractor. This way, your roofing inspector can advise the solar panel contractor on the best methods to install the solar panels based on your roof. 

Reduction in Roof Life Expectancy 

Solar panels can also reduce the overall life expectancy of a roof. This is because solar panels must be removed each time they, or the roof itself, need to be repaired or replaced. Removing solar panels in and of itself has the potential to damage a roof severely, resulting in the need for an overall roof replacement. If solar panels are not properly installed on the roof, then the fasteners and screws used to install them can also penetrate the roofing, resulting in accumulative damages over time. 

Leaks as a Result of Solar Panels 

The penetration of screws and bolts required to install the solar panels can lead to leaking from the roof. While efforts to seal these holes as best as possible may be taken when installing the solar panels, over time, they will eventually cause leaks. Leaks lead to water damage, which leads to mold, which leads to replacement or repair being required for your roofing. Avoid these damages by installing your solar panels somewhere other than your roof, like the backyard or side of your home. 

Increased Maintenance Requirements & Safety Considerations

Unlike roofing, solar panels need to be regularly maintained. That means climbing on the roof to clean the panels, checking for damages after a storm, and replacing any damaged parts if necessary. Not only is this dangerous, as falling from a roof is the most fatal mistake in the construction industry, but it also causes wear and tear on the roof. Standing on the roof in any capacity is not good for the overall integrity of the structure, so it’s best to avoid it altogether by not installing solar panels on your roof. 

Has Your Roof Been Damaged From Solar Panels? Cloud Roofing Has Got You Covered

If your roof has been damaged by the installation of solar panels, Cloud Roofing can help you repair these damages or replace your roof entirely. While solar panels may be great for homeowners' wallets as well as the environment, the damages that they cause to roofing tend to be too great for our team to recommend that you install them on the roof. Instead, consider other options, like installing solar panels in your backyard, or elsewhere on your property, or by looking into brackets and stacking products that allow solar panels to be safely installed on a roof. For roof repair in San Antonio and the surrounding area, trust Cloud Roofing.

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