How Roofing Material Affects Cell Phone Reception

Dec 30, 2022

Metal roofing offers several benefits for homes and businesses. Many property owners prefer metal roofs because of their energy efficiency, fire resistance and beauty. Under some circumstances, however, a metal roof can disrupt phone reception. The more you know about metal roofing and cell phone reception, the easier it is to avoid this problem.

How Metal Roofs Disrupt Cell Phone Reception

Metal roofs don't actually interrupt cellphone reception, but they can amplify existing disruptions. You've probably used your cellphone in plenty of buildings with metal roofs. Restaurants and shopping malls, often have metal roofs, and aren't plagued with bad reception.

The problems arise when a metal roof amplifies disruptions from things such as nearby utility towers. When an interruption interacts with a metal roof, it's like a shield is accidentally created. This shield blocks the radio frequency (RF) signals that cell phones use.

Other Roofing Materials That Can Block Cell Phone Reception

Interestingly, a lot of roofing materials can block cell phone reception. For example, thick wood can prevent some RF signals from entering your building. Even the asphalt used to make roofing shingles can interfere.

In fact, almost any thick material can potentially disrupt RF signals. You may have noticed this while traveling. It's practically impossible to use your cellphone while driving through a tunnel, for instance. Standing under a bridge or concrete highway can also pose a problem.

Improving Your Cell Phone Reception

Don't let metal roof cellphone concerns prevent you from having the type of roofing you prefer. There are plenty of ways to improve your phone's reception while living under a metal roof. Installing a repeater system is one of your best options. Repeater systems come with an antenna, signal amplifier and broadcaster to improve your cellphone reception. The antenna sits on the roof where it can receive RF signals and pass them on to the amplifier. The amplifier is usually installed in your attic or another out-of-the-way area. The amplifier then sends the signal to one or more transmitters that communicate with your phone.

You can also try installing a cell phone signal booster. The disadvantage of this device is that you have to plug it into your phone. Unlike repeater systems, cell phone signal boosters don't broadcast signals to your device. If you don't plug your cellphone into a booster port, your reception won't improve.

In conclusion, while it's possible for a metal roof to affect your cell phone reception, it isn't a given. If it does happen, you have fairly easy, affordable ways to improve the signal. Enjoy your new roof without worrying about losing reception. For professional roofing services to keep your cell reception strong, call Cloud Roofing today!

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