How To Repair A Hole In A Metal Roof

Jul 26, 2023

When properly installed, metal roofing has the longest life span of any other roofing material on the market. Where other roofing materials are lucky to last 20 to 30 years, metal roofing can last up to 100 years depending on the specific type of metal it was made of. Of course, that doesn’t mean metal roofing is completely indestructible. Harsh weather conditions, like the weather sometimes present in San Antonio, can result in damage to a roof regardless of the material it is made from.  So, if your metal roof sustains damage that results in a hole in the roof, how do you repair it? Cloud Roofing is an expert on metal roofing, roof replacement, and roof repair in San Antonio, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss how a professional roofing company like Cloud Roofing would handle repairing a hole in a metal roof. 

Things To Note About Metal Roofing Repair 

One of the major considerations about metal roofing repair is that it is particularly difficult when compared to repairs on other roofing types. This is since the patched area may have a different expansion and contraction rate than the surrounding metals. Depending on the weather, metal roofing contracts and expands, and for patched roofing, this places stress on the repair which can result in splitting, cracking, and eventually, failure of the repair. Given this information, as well as the fact that roof repair can be dangerous for the inexperienced, Cloud Roofing highly recommends you seek the services of a professional roofing service provider for metal roofing repairs. 

How Cloud Roofing Would Repair A Metal Roof

Clean The Repair Area 

Before beginning any metal roofing repair project, the repair area must be thoroughly cleaned, including the surface and the surrounding areas. In many cases, holes in metal roofing are the result of rust, so if this is how the damage occurred, rust must be removed entirely. Alternatively, fallen branches or trees may be the cause of the damage. No matter how the damage occurred, it must be cleaned off entirely before repair occurs. Typically, Cloud Roofing will use something like Simple Green to clean the roof of any dirt, film, or the growth of algae. Any cleaner that is used is fully washed away and then dried to ensure a prepared surface for repair. 

Scuff The Metal 

Once the metal is clean, we’ll use a wire brush to scuff the repair area. These scuffs will help the sealant bond fully to the metal of the repair area. We only scuff the area that is to be repaired, as scuffing beyond this area could damage the protective coating of the metal. 

Measure Repair Area & Cut Material 

Then, we cut the metal to be used for repair based on the measurements of the repair area. We typically cut the panel at least 2 inches past the edges of the repair area. Once it has been cut and fit, we round the corners to prevent any particularly sharp corners from catching snow or ice in inclement weather. 

Install The Patch For Repair 

Using a color-matched urethane sealant, we apply the metal patch to the area that needs repair. We apply plenty of the sealant so that there are no gaps or voids around the patch. Then, we firmly press the patch over the damaged areas, and then we’ll see sealant squeeze from the edges of the patch. In any areas that do not have sealant oozing over the edges, we apply more sealant to ensure it’s fully covered. 

Fully Secure The Patch 

Once the patch has been put in place with the sealant, we use pan-head sheet metal screws to fully secure the patch to the roof. We only use screws long enough to secure the patch to the underlying roof panel to ensure we don’t screw into the underlying roofing panels, decking, or rafters. Then, we’ll use a putty knife to remove any sealant coming from the edge of the patch. It typically takes a week for the sealant to cure entirely. 

Painting & Finishing Touches

If requested by the client, we’ll then paint the patch to match the rest of the roofing panels. We’ll lightly wire brush right past the patch and paint the entire area. If this is requested, we’ll come back once the sealant is fully cured so it doesn’t have a negative reaction to the paint. We also ensure that the paint selected by the customer is fully compatible with the sealant. 

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