How Does the Sun Damage Your Roof?

Dec 30, 2022

The sun beams down heat, energy, and ultraviolet rays all day long – and your roof has a front row ticket to all of it.

Roofing has to be manufactured and installed to deal with a barrage of elements, but the sun is its most common enemy. It blasts your roof with damaging rays and heat on sunny days and destroys the structure of your roof with UV rays even on cloudy and rainy days. Your roof puts up with a lot to protect you – return the favor and learn about what the sun does to it and how you can help.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways the sun chips away at the integrity of your roof.

The sun bombards your roof with heat

Texas summer days regularly break the 100℉ barrier, and your roof is absorbing and containing that warmth. Though different types of roofs are made to withstand direct heat, roof tiles will still become dried out and lose a lot of their flexibility over time.

They are made with oils so that when the elements wreak havoc on them, they can shift and change shape to adapt. The heat of the sun slowly dries up the essential oils in your roof tiles and tears away at the weatherproofing chemicals that protect them. Once the weatherproofing is gone, the tiles quickly weaken and eventually start to dissolve.

Weak and crumbling tiles can give way to serious structural damage to your roof. Holes that form can quickly cave and open roof areas can let in the rain. Serious leaks can occur that will damage other parts of your home. It’s best not to underestimate the power of the sun.

Heating & cooling pushes & pulls

Even Texas temperature changes. Though we enjoy some warm summer nights, Texans know that weather changes fast. When they do, your roof tends to expand and contract. Warmer weather expands your roof tiles, and cold weather causes them to contract.

Your tiles will start to loosen because of this movement, and other parts of your roof that are attached can suffer as well. Flashing, which prevents water from entering the sharp corners and vulnerable areas of your roof, can separate from your roofing and open it to weather damage. Your roof’s drainage system can expand and contract with speed and ease, but roof tiles have a harder time adjusting. The pressure from delayed expansion or contraction will push the drainage away from the roof and cause leaks and water damage.

UV rays are on constant offense

Roof with worn shingles

Ultraviolet rays are invisible and dangerous. The constant shower of rays breaks down the molecular structure of your roof extremely slowly. Damage from other sources such as heat and temperature change are magnified by UV damage. Though it can’t be stopped, it is essential to stay aware of what’s happening to your roof.

What can I do about sun damage?

Conduct a Regular Roof Inspection

Every few months, pull out a ladder and place it safely against your home. Climb to the top but do not step off the ladder onto your roof. Walking on roofs can cause more damage than weather and sun.

Do a visual inspection. Look for warped tiles, cracks, misalignment, and dust from dissolving tiles. Also check your drainage systems and make sure that none of them are clogged. Clogs cause water damage to various parts of your home and will accelerate tile weakening if tiles are damaged. Air conditioning units and other equipment on the roof can drain chemicals that damage the roof as well if they are not maintained.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

To slow the decay of your roof, perform regular maintenance on the top of your home. Keep drains open and unclogged in all seasons to prevent the water and debris from hurting your tiles. Also, make sure rooftop equipment is properly maintained and avoid walking on the roof if you don’t need to. Contact Cloud Roofing immediately if you spot any damaged tiles, holes, or leaks that can lead to bigger problems.

Replace Your Roofing If You Need It

Don’t be afraid to make replacements on your roof. The roofing you have now may not be best for your area, and there could be stronger, longer lasting options available to you. Remember that lighter tile colors reflect more sun and reduce damage. Also, newly weatherproofed tiles can give you a fresh start to properly inspecting and maintaining your roofing.

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