How Can Your Roof Be Damaged Prematurely?

Dec 30, 2022

Many homeowners are surprised to find out that the roof they bought less than ten years ago is showing signs of significant wear. The roof should have fifteen or twenty years of life in it, so why is it not holding up? What are the signs that the roof is at the very end of the life cycle? We look at the ways property owners can tell it is time to replace the roof regardless of age.

What causes premature aging in roofs?

Many things can cause a roof to age faster than it should like weather exposure. Places that see frequent storms like the tornado belt are susceptible to roof damage that ages the material to the point of replacement years ahead of schedule. Hail, wind, and tree branches are just the start of problems. Hot summer conditions in arid zones like the Arizona desert areas cause roof issues all the time. Places that get excessive amounts of rain each year are also prone to premature roof damage.

Missing, broken, or curled shingles

Sunlight is one of the natural factors in premature aging when it comes to roofs. This fact is especially true in places that get sun all day or are in hot climates like Texas. One of the best ways to look for early damage is to inspect the gutters to see if the crystals found on the outside of the shingles are present. If there are granules in the gutter, then it is time to consider that it might be best to replace the roof before it starts leaking.

Spongy feeling when walking across the roof

Valleys in the roof are a sure sign that it is time to think about replacing the existing roof. Beware of hidden issues with buckling roofs; there could be damage to the sub-layers below the shingles. Only an expert can tell if the structural part of the roof has damage or not.

How to prevent premature aging in a roof

There are a few things that property owners can do to protect the roof and help maintain it to get the most life out of it as possible. Keeping trees trimmed and pruned near the house to prevent loose limbs from becoming projectiles in strong winds and storms is an excellent way to help extend the life of a roof. Having a yearly inspection by a roofing expert is advisable to ensure that any loose or missing shingles are replaced before the water gets under the material. Opting for a light material like a white, rubber roof for flat roofs is one way to reflect the sun and keep the home cool at the same time. Less sun and heat means less roof damage over time. Homeowners can help maintain the roof for longer periods with regular maintenance and inspections. Some weather conditions cause premature damage no matter what. The best advice is to know what to look for concerning aging roofs, and to call the San Antonio roofing experts to schedule an appointment.

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