How Animals Can Damage Roofing

Oct 26, 2023

While nature adds beauty and vitality to our surroundings, some of its inhabitants, particularly wildlife, can wreak havoc on our homes. One of the structures most vulnerable to animal damage is the roof. This post sheds light on the various ways animals can damage roofing and offers tips to safeguard your home.


  • Roof Nesting: Birds, such as pigeons, crows, and sparrows, often find the ledges of roofs to be perfect nesting spots. Over time, their nests can clog gutters, leading to water damage.
  • Acidic Droppings: Bird droppings are acidic in nature. When accumulated, they can corrode roofing materials, shortening the lifespan of your roof.


  • Gnawing: Squirrels have strong teeth that they constantly sharpen by gnawing. They can chew through roofing materials, including wood and asphalt shingles, creating entry points for water.
  • Nesting in Attics: Once they've made an opening, squirrels often nest in attics, compromising insulation and posing a fire risk if they chew through electrical wires.


  • Roof Tearing: Raccoons are notorious for tearing through roofs when they smell food or seek shelter. They can pull up shingles, damage vent ducts, and create large holes, leading to leaks.
  • Attic Invasion: Like squirrels, raccoons can nest in attics, causing insulation damage and other structural issues.


  • Roosting: Bats tend to find tiny openings to roost inside buildings, especially beneath roof eaves. Their guano (droppings) can damage wood and insulation.
  • Health Risks: Beyond structural damage, bats can carry diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis, posing health risks to homeowners.

Rodents (Rats & Mice)

  • Chewing: Rodents are persistent chewers. They can gnaw through roof materials, creating entryways that can lead to interior damage.
  • Contamination: Once inside, they can contaminate insulation and stored items with their droppings and urine. Additionally, they can introduce fleas, mites, and ticks.

Insects (Termites & Carpenter Ants)

  • Wood Damage: Wood-boring insects, particularly termites and carpenter ants, can weaken the wooden structures of roofs, causing significant structural damage over time.
  • Infestation: Their colonies can grow rapidly, exacerbating damage and leading to costly repairs if not addressed promptly.

Protect Your Roofing With Preventative Measures

Prevention is the linchpin of long-term roofing protection. By averting wildlife-related problems before they escalate, homeowners can save substantially on repairs and replacements in the long run. Cloud Roofing is committed to not just fixing the symptoms but addressing the root causes. Here's how we prioritize prevention:

Regular Roof Inspections

Periodic roof inspections are essential. Our team closely examines the roof for signs of wear, damage, or potential vulnerabilities that animals might exploit. Early detection can lead to minor fixes instead of major overhauls.

Reinforcement of Vulnerable Points

Areas like roof intersections, eaves, and soffits are often targeted by wildlife. We reinforce these zones using robust materials, ensuring they withstand attempted breaches.

Installation of Protective Barriers

Metal flashing, wire mesh, or protective screens can be installed over openings or potential entry points. These barriers are designed to deter animals without compromising ventilation.

Cloud Roofing Can Repair Animal-Related Roofing Damage

If you notice roofing damage as a result of animals, it’s critical that you inquire about roof repair as soon as possible. Learn more about Cloud Roofing’s repair services below. 

  • Expertise in Detection: At Cloud Roofing, our team has extensive experience identifying the often subtle signs of animal damage. Sometimes, what appears as a minor cosmetic issue on the surface may be an indicator of more extensive underlying damage.
  • Tailored Repair Solutions: Understanding the unique challenges each animal poses allows us to tailor our repair methods accordingly. Whether it's patching holes made by raccoons, replacing wood damaged by termites, or cleaning and restoring areas affected by bird droppings, our solutions are comprehensive.
  • Emergency Services: Recognizing that some damages require urgent attention, Cloud Roofing offers emergency services to ensure your home's safety and peace of mind for you.
  • Warranty and Assurance: All our repair services come with a guarantee of quality. Our dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction ensures that when you choose Cloud Roofing, you're opting for a lasting solution.

For Roofing Repair Due To Animal Damages, Trust Cloud Roofing

While we coexist with nature, it's essential to be proactive in protecting our homes from potential damage caused by wildlife. By being aware of the threats and taking preventive measures, you can ensure the longevity of your roof and the safety of your home. If you notice signs of animal damage on your roof, consider reaching out to professionals like Cloud Roofing for expert roof repair in San Antonio. Contact us online or over the phone to schedule a FREE roof inspection

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