Five Ways Preventative Roof Maintenance is Essential

Dec 30, 2022

In terms of home protection, your roof is much more than a slab of wood that provides obvious protection against the elements. Instead, it is a high-technology piece of construction that, yes, protects you from the rain but also provides a vertical, top-down protection for your house and foundation. Although any modern roof is built to last for years, if not decades, it must be cared for as if it were a member of the family. Learn the key ways roof maintenance is essential and keep your roof's life cycle at its peak.

1. Maintains Roof Ventilation

One of the most important functions your attic fulfills is its ability to maintain an even humidity level throughout the attic and walls. It accomplishes this via roof vents that can be installed in the ridge or in the main surface of the roof. Additionally, vents in the soffits allow air to enter near the bottom incline of your roof and aerate upward throughout. These vents must be kept clean.In the winter, the upper ridge should be cleared of snow and ice. In the summer, leaves must not be allowed to gather in roof corners. Additionally, the soffits should be kept clean of debris. Regarding the soffits, the venting slots might require hand cleaning or vacuuming if they get blocked.

2. Debris Removal

Clearing debris off the roof is important, and the primary target areas every fall season are the gutters, which can fill with leaves. Leaves in the gutters can press upward on the outer shingles, creating gaps. Additionally, clogged gutters can lead to an over-pouring of water during rainy times, creating soil problems around your foundation.

During the winter months, ice and snow must be removed because the melting snow can re-freeze along the edges and damage your shingles. Melting snow and freezing water is so damaging because it creates ice dams that get under your shingles, cracks, and warps them. To clean the snow off your roof, you can use a roof rake. Roof rakes are made to remove massive amounts of snow. However, they often have wheels built along the under edge, and these wheels prevent your roof from being damaged.

3. Elbow room

Tree trimming is essential for the health of any roof. All it takes is one nasty storm and you could end up with dented shingles or worse. For instance, any typical piece of firewood can weigh up to 10 pounds. However, a branch, even a small one, because of its length, can weigh up to 100 pounds. A thick one weighing hundreds of pounds, falling at a speed of several feet per second, can puncture a roof or break beams.Branches and other debris from storms, however, are only the most obvious roofing problems. Just as damaging are the slowly growing branches. At first, they are just brushing your roof. Within a few years, however, they can end up growing under the shingles and mangling them.

Of course, trimming such branches is a task reserved for professionals, but the preventative care you schedule on a calm afternoon will help you reap both financial and personal safety benefits.

4. Preventing Roof Leaks Through Sealing

Sealcoating can protect your entire roof from the elements. Seal coating involves spreading a thin layer of sealant across the entire roof area. This type of upkeep helps make the roof impervious to rain, and it also helps protect against ultraviolet rays, which can dry the shingles and crack them as they become brittle. Also, inspecting and caulking shingles and flashing around the chimney must be done to help prevent leaks from forming.

5. Avoid Costly Roof Repairs by Inspecting After Major Storms

It is important that you inspect your roof after any significant storm. For instance, thunderous rain storms can bring hail or drop heavy branches. Even a small amount of hail can damage a few shingles, creating an entryway for water. Additionally, after a snow storm, you should check the roof for signs of snow or ice damage. This type of damage to the roof will appear around the outer edges and appear as raised or curled shingles, resulting from ice dams backing up until the shingles lift. Ice dams are particularly damaging because they misshape shingles in such a way that they must be patched.

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