Are Commercial Roofing Services Tax Deductible?

Dec 29, 2023

For businesses, managing overhead costs is a crucial aspect of maintaining profitability, and this includes significant expenses like roofing repairs or replacements. A common question we encounter at Cloud Roofing Company is whether commercial roofing services are tax-deductible. The short answer is: It depends. In this blog post, we'll break down the nuances of tax deductions related to commercial roofing services to help you understand how you can potentially reduce your tax burden.

Understanding Tax Deductions on Commercial Roofing

Capital Improvements vs. Repairs

Capital Improvements

Generally, if the roofing work is classified as a capital improvement - meaning it substantially increases the property's value or extends its life - it's not immediately deductible. Instead, you can recover this cost through depreciation, typically over 39 years for commercial property.


If the work is considered a repair, i.e., it keeps your property in good working condition without significantly increasing its value or extending its life, it's usually fully deductible in the year it's completed.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017

The TCJA has brought some changes that may benefit businesses. Under Section 179, certain types of roofing improvements can be expensed in the year they are completed, up to a limit. This includes improvements like roofs, HVAC, fire protection systems, alarm systems, and security systems.

Consult with a Tax Professional

Tax laws can be complex and are subject to change. We highly recommend consulting with a tax professional to understand the specifics of how these laws apply to your situation.

Maximizing Your Tax Benefits with Cloud Roofing Company

Choosing the Right Service

At Cloud Roofing Company, we offer a range of services from minor repairs to full replacements. We can guide you on what classification your roofing project may fall under and how that impacts your potential tax deductions.

Documentation and Record Keeping

We provide detailed invoices and documentation that can be crucial for tax purposes. Keeping accurate records of your roofing expenses is essential for claiming deductions.

Long-Term Financial Planning

Investing in your commercial property's roof can have long-term financial benefits, beyond immediate tax deductions:

  • Energy Efficiency: Upgrades like cool roofing can lead to significant savings on energy bills.
  • Property Value: Enhancements and repairs can increase your property’s market value.

For Commercial Roofing Services in San Antonio, TX, Trust Cloud Roofing

While the immediate tax deductibility of commercial roofing in San Antonio can vary, understanding the difference between capital improvements and repairs is key. With the right approach and professional advice, you can make the most out of your roofing investments. Cloud Roofing Company is not only committed to providing top-notch roofing services but also to helping you navigate the financial aspects of your roofing projects. For a FREE roof inspection and estimate, contact us today. 

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