All About Metal Roofing Installation

Sep 5, 2023

Metal roofing has become increasingly popular, thanks to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Understanding the installation process and its best applications is essential if you're considering a metal roof for your property. In this detailed guide, Cloud Roofing provides insights into metal roofing installation, answering some of the most frequently asked questions we encounter.

How Metal Roofing Installation Works

Metal roofing installation involves several precise steps to ensure the final result is both functional and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Evaluation and Measurement: Before any installation begins, a thorough evaluation of the existing roof structure is done to identify potential issues. Measurements are taken to determine the exact amount of metal roofing material required.
  • Preparation: The old roofing material may need to be removed, or in some cases, the metal roofing can be installed over existing materials (we'll discuss this further below).
  • Underlayment Installation: A protective underlayment is installed before placing the metal panels to provide additional insulation and water resistance.
  • Metal Panel Installation: The metal panels are then installed, interlocked, or overlapped, depending on the chosen system.
  • Flashing and Trim: Once the panels are in place, flashing and trim are added to ensure water doesn't seep into seams, valleys, or intersections.

Best Applications of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications:

  • Residential Homes: Due to its durability and wide range of design options, metal roofing is an excellent home choice, offering longevity and curb appeal.
  • Commercial Roofing: Metal roofs are often chosen for their low maintenance needs and energy efficiency.
  • Agricultural Structures: Barns, sheds, and other agricultural structures benefit from metal roofing due to their resistance to pests and the elements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Roofing 

At Cloud Roofing, we get several questions about installing metal roofing. Some of the following questions are ones we answer almost every time we work on a metal roofing job, commercial and residential alike. If you have any other questions about metal roofing, make sure to give us a call or contact us online today! 

Can a Metal Roof Be Installed on a Flat Roof?

Yes, installing metal roofing on flat roofs is not only possible but ideal. Metal roofs offer excellent water and snow-shedding capabilities, making them suitable for flat or low-slope roofs. They can also be combined with proper sealing and insulation to create a watertight barrier, ensuring that the flat roof remains leak-free for years.

Can a Metal Roof Be Installed Over Shingles?

It is possible to install a metal roof over existing shingles, eliminating the need and cost of removing the old roofing material. This process can be advantageous as the shingles provide an added layer of insulation. However, local building codes, the existing shingles' condition, and the roof structure's weight-bearing capacity should be considered.

Can a Metal Roof Be Installed Over Plywood?

Yes, metal roofing can be installed over plywood. The plywood acts as a solid base for the metal panels. However, before installation, the plywood should be checked for any signs of damage or rot. An underlayment is usually placed between the plywood and metal panels for added protection and insulation.

Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Horizontally?

While vertical installation is the most common direction for metal panels, they can be installed horizontally. Horizontal installation can offer a unique aesthetic appeal and may be chosen for design reasons. However, when opting for horizontal installation, it's crucial to ensure proper overlap and sealing to prevent potential water infiltration.

For Metal Roofing in San Antonio and The Surrounding Areas, Trust Cloud Roofing

Metal roofing offers a blend of durability, style, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of buildings. Whether you're looking to install a metal roof on a flat surface, over shingles, or in a horizontal fashion, Cloud Roofing in San Antonio is here to guide you through every step of the process. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can be assured of a roof installation that stands the test of time. Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing solutions.

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